Care for wild Africa: Send Jak to save the Rhino!

I will be spending 2 weeks at the African Conservation Experience in November 2018. There I will be hands on helping orphaned rhino calves overcome the tragic loss of their mothers from poaching, and adjusting to the rehab to get them grown, well, and back in the wild. The plight on Rhino is horrific, all for their horn which is no different than our finger nails! We have lost 2 entire species of Rhino in the last few years (Western Black and the Javan) , about to lose another (Northern white) due to mass poaching for horn. There is a real war going on, with humans also losing their lives while trying to protect these ancient and valuable animals. I've been following the organizations and donating for years, but I feel I really need to be there to help in a physical way, and to help spread awareness through my experience to hopefully help end the travesty and save the Rhino. The volunteer experience is not cheap, neither is getting to Africa, but all donations/costs go directly to the organisation and so, right to the rhino. The deadline to reach my goal to pay for the placement is August 15th. All donations to this life changing opportunity are deeply, deeply appreciated. This is something I've been pulled to do for a long time, and it will prove to be a life changing event. Any and all donations no matter how small will go a long long way for the rhino and in turn,all of us. Thank you!

Please copy and paste into your browser to go to the fundraiser page:

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