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Healing your tattoo

We use a medical transparent bandage tape called Opsite Flexifix. This product is designed to cover abrasions and prevents dirt and bacteria coming in contact with the fresh tattoo while allowing the skin to breathe and heal.

The bandage must remain in place for 5-7 consecutive days. It allows the plasma released to remain wet for longer than air drying, promoting a faster, smoother heal, reducing risk of color loss or damage compared to traditional healing methods.


Removing the bandage before the 5 day mark can risk extreme color loss to your tattoo as it disrupts the healing process, similar to pulling off a scab before it's ready. Be patient!

Should the bandage roll up or otherwise expose your tattoo, do NOT attempt to tape it back down, you can risk infection. Instead, with lots of soap and water, slowly peel off the bandage, wash the tattoo gently and allow to air dry.

Use an unscented mild soap and wash twice a day, using an unscented lotion 2-4 times a day, until healed.

We carry a wonderful salve for once your bandage is off. Ohana organics can be used throughout the healing process and as needed after. It's also good for dry hands and chapped lips!

  • Tattoo Butter

    "From our garden to your tattoo. Our organic tattoo aftercare is made with your new tattoo in mind. Hand-crafted in small batches, we achieve the perfect consistency with the highest quality shea butter and herbal-infused olive oil. This vegan-based cream can be used immediately after your tattoo session and for weeks afterward to heal and enrich your newly tattooed skin. Give your tattoo what it deserves...a high quality organic butter, hand-crafted with lots of aloha."

If you have any questions or concerns about your healing, contact us ASAP! We are here to help remove any anxiety, and have vast knowledge on how to avoid and quickly treat infection should it arise.

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